Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is a location artist? A: I am a location artist, which means that I come fully equipped to your location of preference to provide services. Travel fees apply depending on location. I travel throughout the country. Q: What days and times are you available to give trials? A: Upon avaliability, Monday - Thurday from 11am - 4pm. Q: How come I cannot book trials on Fridays - Sundays? A: Most of my wedding day events are scheduled on these 3 days, so will usually be completelly booked. Q: What do I need to prepare for a trail and what’s included? A: Hair should be dry and ready for styling (shampoo it the night before rather than the day of). Face needs to be clean and makeup free(no traces of waterproof mascara). Have your inspirational photos with you if you have any. Also, if you have a hair piece that you want to incorporated into the style, please have that with you. The trial lasts about 2 hours. I have a brief consultation with you before I begin to create your look. After the look is completed, I can make any adjustment according to your liking. There are before and after photos taken, which are emailed to you. The photos are for me to remember the style as well as give you a good idea of how the look will photograph on your big day. Q: I live in another state and won’t be able to have a trial with you, will that be a problem? A: Not at all! I understand that most of my brides plan destination weddings, and I’m traveling through the country all of the time. So when there is no trial, on the day of the wedding, I spend an extra half an hour with you to make sure that everything is perfect! However, I do suggest that it’s best to try and have one if you’re going for a dramatic change with your hair (example: from short to long, which will require me to add extensions), or have severe acne and/or very sensitive skin. Q: How do I go about booking your services? A: I will need for you to sign a contractual service agreement, which includes all of the specifics. I no longer charge a deposit fee, being that it can become frustrating for the bride to keep track of whom and what she’s paid for and how much more she owes, as the big day approaches. I want to make things as easy as possible for my brides, so my services will need to be paid for in full on the date of service. Q: What forms of payment do you accept? A: I only accept payment on the date of service via cash, certified check or money order. Sorry, I no longer take personal checks. However, I do take payment transactions through Venmo mobile App before, during, and after the service is completed. Q: What is the difference between airbrush and traditional makeup? A: Airbrush makeup is the most flawless, lightweight, hygenic and longest lasting makeup on the market. It can create a surreal effect on the skin and stays on all day! I create a very soft, diffused look with the airbrush. It is smudge proof and tear proof. The line of airbrush makeup that I use is a high quality silicone base. Traditional makeup that I apply is custom blended and manually applied with a brush and sponge. It is lightweight, but not recommended for skin with many blemishes, acne, deep pores or wrinkles. This makeup will not minimize the look of large pores as well as airbrush would, and over the course of the day may settle into winkles and fine lines a bit. Q: Are you able to accommodate large bridal parties? A: Absolutely! If time allows, I am able to accomodate up to a bridal party of 10 if members are receiving both hair and makeup services. if members are receiving either hair or makeup service, then I am able to accommodate up to 12 people. Q: Do you work with an assistant for large parties? A: Honestly, because I’ve not found anyone that I trust enough to do the high quality work that I do, with consistent follow through and sanitary standards, I do all makeovers myself. However, my manager comes along to help setup, disinfect and sanitize tools before each client, also prepare supplies at the start of each makeover and then helps me to pack away equipment at days end. Please Send Me An Email If You Have Any Unanswered Questions
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